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Our fully owned and operated dental laboratory locations ​

With state-of-the-art fabrication locations in Central America and Asia, along with our full-service facility in Tampa, Florida, we have the flexibility to utilize distributive manufacturing to execute a seamless and interchangeable operation across global time zones. For DDS customers, this ensures less idle patient case turnaround time. As one continent’s business day ends, dental technicians on another continent can pick up fabrication right where the last ended.

Our Fully Owned and Operated Dental Laboratory Locations

We use standardized, high-quality raw materials and operational processes across our labs.

We have scaled our partnership model for long-term, sustainable growth with consideration given to macro market forces driving evolution in the dental space. We have the unique ability to control quality, standardization, and turnaround time (TAT) through our process driven, centralized operations in our fully owned locations. Due to our seamless and interchangeable distributive manufacturing model, our teams will have the ability to share expertise between facilities and collaborate on patient cases together.
DDS Lab Dental Laboratory Map
Tampa, FL
Shenzhen, China
Grecia, Costa Rica

DDS Lab, Tampa, FL

Our 28,000 sq. ft. facility in Tampa employs over 80 certified dental technicians. Our state-of the art technology combined with the creativity, skills, and precision of our technicians ensure that you and your patients receive the most aesthetically pleasing restorations.

Why Shenzhen?

Our 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Shenzhen employs over 470 certified dental technicians and is distinguished by its ISO 13485 certification and meets the requirements of the rigorous Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP). Shenzhen is home to many reputable and trusted companies, including industry giants like Apple, LG, and Walmart. This concentration of renowned manufacturers in the area speaks to the high standards and quality control practices upheld in this region.

Why Costa Rica?

The 100,000 sq. ft. Laboratory doubles the global manufacturing footprint of DDS Lab, enabling the organization to continue to outpace market growth. Grecia, Costa Rica is renowned for its advanced life sciences operations and robust talent pool. DDS Lab is poised to introduce up to 1,000 employment opportunities within the next five years. Backed by leadership from Shenzhen and Tampa, DDS Lab remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding operational excellence and fostering talent development initiatives.

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  • Full-service Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL)
  • Certified Dental Technicians available for case planning
  • Member of National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)
  • We use standardized, high-quality raw materials and operational processes across of labs.
  • Experienced fixed and removable specialists on staff
  • Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’re looking for advice on a complex case, we’re here for you

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