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Digital Impressions - DDS Lab

Free Download: Digital Impression Guide »

Digital Impression Guide

Here at DDS Lab, we don’t leave things up to chance. Our culture of innovation drives us to adopt only the best in dental technology. DDS Lab embraces intraoral scanning technology in all its forms.

Download the Digital Impressions Guide below.


Free Download: Preparation & Cementation Table »

Preparation & Cementation Table for All Ceramic Restorations

There are only minor differences in preparation between the various all-ceramic crown materials. Proper design is critical for ensuring the mechanical success of the restoration.

This table will provide you with guidelines for:

Prep Design
Occlusal Clearance
Axial Reduction


Free Download: Partial Dentures Guide »

Partial Dentures Guide

In this Guide we talk about...

Types of partials
The benefits of partials
Materials used for partial dentures
DDS Laboratory’s manufacturing process
Placing a crown underneath a partial denture
How to manage a Patient's expectations when getting their first partial


Free Download: DDS Lab Turnaround Table »

DDS Lab Turnaround Time Table

Download our turnaround time chart and get an overview of when to expect your cases.

At DDS Lab, you have several options on how to submit a case. Depending on which option you select, each case's turnaround time could be up to 2 days shorter on average.

The ultimate guide to dental implants

Free Download: The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants »

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants

In this Guide we talk about:

Popular Implant Systems Amongst Dentists
Types of Implants
Pros and Cons of Model-Less Restorations
The Benefits of Using CT Scans
Surgically Guided Implants
Full Zirconia Implant Retained Prosthesis


Free Download: Crowns & Bridges Material Guide »

Crowns & Bridges Material Guide (Comparison Chart)

Patients have become more concerned about the material in their mouths and want to receive the most esthetically pleasing restorations.


Decide which materials are best
Know the difference between crown & bridge products
Know all the benefits and features of each product


Free Download: Reduce Lab Expenses & Increase Productivity »

Reduce Lab Expenses & Increase Productivity

Dental practice management teams are being challenged in the current economy to get better results from their business and improve the bottom line.

In this White Paper we talk about...

▸ How dental practices can improve their bottom line
▸ Criteria for dental lab selection
▸ Innovative online services to increase productivity
▸ And more...


Free Download: Ways To Get The Best Results With Your Cases »

Ways To Get The Best Results With Your Cases

In the Best Results InfoSheet we provide tips & tricks for...

• Fixed Cases
• Removable & Denture Cases
• Alginate Impression
• All-Ceramic Restorations
• Communication

DDS Dental Lab - Shade Matching in Restorative Dentistry

Free Download: Shade Matching - Tips To Get It Right »

Shade Matching - Tips To Get It Right

A key aspect in ultimate success of a dental restoration, especially in the esthetic zone, lies in achieving accurate shade matching.

In this White Paper we talk about...

▸ How the source of light affects matching
▸ How the environment affects matching
▸ Photos for great shade matching results
▸ Color perception

All Ceramic Restorations - Free Dental White Paper

Free Download: All Ceramic Restorations »

All Ceramic Restorations

The phrase “the future of dental restorations” seems to appear with each new system that comes along. In the case of all-ceramic restorations, however, this statement may very well be true.

In this TechTalk White Paper we talk about...

▸ Preparation for all-ceramic restorations
▸ Parameter for reduction of tooth structure
▸ And more

DDS Dental Lab - Dental Zirconia Applications

Free Download: Dental Zirconia Applications »

Dental Zirconia Applications

When prescribing zirconia restorations, a solid understanding of the specific benefits and potential drawbacks is vital.

After reading this TechTalk White Paper you will...

▸ Know the pros and cons of layered & solid
▸ Receive a full comparison chart
▸ Receive technical tips

DDS Dental Lab - The Importance of Mouthguards

Free Download: The Importance Of Mouthguards »

The Importance Of Mouthgurads

Researchers are actively studying how mouthguards may aid in reducing the severity and number of concussions by helping to absorb and disperse the impact of a severe blow to the chin, face, or head.

In this TechTalk white paper we will answer questions like...

▸ What is a sports mouthguard?
▸ Who needs a mouthguard?
▸ What are mouthguard differences?
▸ Why use a mouthguard?
▸ What are sport-specific protection levels?
▸ And more...