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Crown & Bridge

Our crowns and bridge restorations are made with the finest materials available today from internationally-known manufacturers. Our metal substructures are made with accredited alloys and each case includes an Identalloy certificate for the patient record.

All Ceramic Crown & Bridge

Zirconia Solid is monolithic and made from 100% pure zirconia. 100% metal-free.

Zirconia HT

Zirconia HT (High Translucent) is much stronger than PFM’s (Porcelain Fused Metal).

Zirconia Layered

Extremely strong for multi-unit bridges where IPS e.max cannot be used.

IPS e.max®

An advanced pressed ceramic with even greater strength than the Empress® product.

PFM - Porcelain Fused Metal Dental Crowns

White Hi-Noble

Lifespan can be 30 years or more with good oral hygiene practices.
White Hi-Noble PFM Porcelain Fused Metal Dental Crowns & Bridges


Good marginal integrity. Strong and durable. Tried and true certified alloys.
Semi-Precious PFM Porcelain Fused Metal Dental Crowns & Bridges

Yellow Hi-Noble

Precious metal with a lifespan of 30 years or more.
Yellow Hi-Noble PFM Porcelain Fused Metal Dental Crowns & Bridges


Strong, versatile and durable. Used for over 60 years.
Non-Precious PFM Porcelain Fused Metal Dental Crowns & Bridges

Full Cast Crown & Bridge


Long-term wear characteristics. Full cast crowns can last for 30-40 years with good oral hygiene.
Semi Precious Full Cast Dental Crowns & Bridges


Full cast gold is still one of the most wear-friendly of dental materials and is extremely bio-compatible.
Gold Full Cast Dental Crowns & Bridges

Patients have become more concerned about the material in their mouths and want to receive the most esthetically pleasing restorations. This demand has been accommodated with the introduction of newer and stronger ceramics.


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