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Know when to expect your DDS Lab case orders

Why take advantage of the MyDDSLab App?

MyDDSLab App | App to track the status of your dental cases

Requirements to
use the MyDDSLab App

Track patient cases with MyDDSLab

Step 1: Sign up for our customer portal

MyDDSLab App Case Tracking for dental practices

Step 2: Download our mobile APP to track your cases

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MyDDS Lab App Case Status Overview

Instant status updates

It’s very simple to instantly see the status of your cases. By using our app you’ll see every status in real-time on one screen.

Cases are displayed by patient name under open cases.
Next to each patient’s name you will see a very clear and color-coded label.

You’ll see the following status types:

DDS Lab MyDDS Lab App Case Status


Making it easy for you to stay up to date.

Discover case details

To track each case real-time, just click on the patient’s name and dive into the case details, including case ID, due date, date received, and estimated ship and delivery dates.

If you have any questions about your cases, simply click the phone icon on the top right of the screen to directly call your dedicated DDS Lab account manager.

The new case-status-button “Please Contact Lab” makes it easier to solve any alerts involving your patient’s case.

The MyDDSLab App is available for iOS and Android.

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MyDDS Lab App Case Detail
MyDDS LAB App OOP Detail
“I love to use the My.DDSLab app to track all my cases! It is so great to always know exactly when all of my patients’ cases are expected for arrival. Not to mention that my crowns and bridges always fit great!”
Dr. Ashley Christensen
Element Dental Spring

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