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“We just received our case back from DDS Lab and it made our team look great. Beautiful crown work, the patient was EXTREMELY happy! The communication with our dedicated account manager has been friendly, accurate and very timely. Thank you for helping make our jobs easier.”

Ana, LEAD DA, Ft. Lauderdale


DDS Lab | Before


DDS Lab | After

“I have been using DDS for about 3 years now...

and cannot say enough good things about the quality of work I receive and the speed in which I receive it. Whenever I have a concern I am always able to talk to a technician or the support team and get great advice/feedback with just a phone call or email. Whenever a technician has a great suggestion on improvements for a case they are never shy to share it.

They never fail to let me know when they need a new impression or records – they try their very best to make sure they deliver quality products that go through multiple check points. I am a fairly new doctor; having this kind of support means a lot. Cases are easy to track, shipping is quick, and prices are highly competitive.

They have definitely gained my confidence and have helped me gain the confidence of my patients. I am excited to hear and try out the new high translucency zirconia product. Thank you DDS for supporting me while I continue to grow!”

Dr. Sharmin Ara, My Dentist – Texarkana

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with DDS lab for the past 5 years. They have, and continue to do great work with both their fixed and removable appliances. It’s nice to have the confidence to use a lab for your patients that has done work you proudly display on your own front teeth! Along with the quality work, they make communication and case submission easy for the doctors. Overall I’ve had a good experience with DDS Lab, and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

Dr. Tom Chandler, Prosper, TX

“With so many labs to choose from, I have used DDS Lab exclusively for the last six years for these obvious reasons: excellent customer service, ease of communication with the lab techs, copious knowledge of both the lab techs and the CDTs to help plan large complex cases, and superior lab work—from single crowns to esthetic cases.

I am completely and utterly satisfied with the high-quality lab work that comes from DDS Lab that I highly recommend them to everyone without reservation.”

Dr. Shahid Sharar, Carterville, IL

“I chose DDS Lab and IPS e.max to do a full restoration case for my daughter. It was a complex, esthetic case with 20 units, including several veneers. We were both thrilled with the results. Nothing makes me prouder than to see her smile and knows she is tickled pink with the outcome.
DDS Lab really delivers when it comes to top quality, esthetic restorations.”

Darrin Nelson, DMD

“The last 3 years with DDS lab have been nothing but exceptional. With consistent, excellent quality results, technical support when needed with cases, quick turnaround time, and always available and ready to help field managers in the area (Lacey Mitchell in Phoenix, AZ), DDS always provides the best and most reliable results.

At the end of the day, you want a lab that makes you look good, and DDS does that for me!”

Akhil Mehta DDS, MS

“I have found DDS Lab to be reliable and dependable, both in fabrication of crown and bridge and removable prosthetics. Service is always prompt and of an excellent quality. No remakes at all over the years I have been using this lab. Technicians are always accessible to discuss cases and resolve any possible issues. Very satisfied!”

Dr. Jonathan M. Keyes, Jonathan M. Keyes D.D.S.

“I have been using DDS Lab for a few months and have been highly impressed with all of their work. Their customer service is exceptional and the lab technicians are very thorough and friendly as well. The lab is fantastic! Thank you.”

Dr. Craig Light, Craig A. Light DDS, PC

“In the last few months our pts have just been raving about the dentures that DDS labs has done for us. As a result, the referrals that we have been getting for dentures has been crazy. I even have a pt that is having her mother travel from another state to have my Doctor complete her dentures here at Family Dental. I can not say enough about our account rep Maria P. She treats our pts like they are her pts. I thank DDS labs for our incredible working relationship.”

Sharon Preston, Family Dental

“Thank you for everything you all do! I’m the lead here at Brush 32 Dental Cedar Park and we couldn’t be more proud of the team we have at DDS! You guys ROCK! It’s because of the great communication we’re able to make the patients experience with prosthetic’s an easy great experience! Keep up the awesome job!! It’s all about making someone smile!

Tammy Rodriguez, Lead RDA, Brush 32 Dental

“DDS Lab has produced consistently high-quality crowns and bridges for our office, making delivery appointments a breeze! They are the first lab I turn to for our crown and bridge needs.”

Mazen Saad, Heartland Dental Care, Columbia MD

“Working with DDS Lab is not only stress free, but enjoyable as well. The open communication we have with everyone from technicians to our sales manager, is invaluable in ensuring that quality care is delivered to our patients.”

Tim Mathis, DMD

“Since working with DDS Lab, I’ve been very impressed. Their operation runs smoothly from start to finish. Cases are delivered in a timely manner and seat easily with little to no adjusting. I can’t say enough about how much DDS lab has improved my practices!”

Dr. Justin Crockett, Austin, TX

“Most labs charge different amounts for crowns depending on how much metal is used. I like the fact that DDS Lab provides me with flat-rate pricing for Hi-Noble crowns.They take the guessing out of how much it will cost and I can keep better control over my budget.”

Dr. Mark Levy, Des Plaines, IL


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