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Zirconia in dentistry

Zirconia is a new generation of dental porcelain that sets new standards for aesthetics, biocompatibility, and clinical performance in dental applications. Find everything you need to know about Zirconia on this page. Last updated: 02/06/20

Zirconia in dentistry

In 1969, Zirconium oxide was first used for medical purposes. There are many uses of Zirconium oxide, but today there are only three types of Zirconia, containing ceramic, used in dental applications:

  1. Yttrium cation-doped tetragonal zirconia polycrystals
  2. Magnesium cation-doped partially stabilized zirconia
  3. Zirconia toughened alumina

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Zirconia dental products

Zirconia has created superior solutions for many different dental procedures. The material is used for procedures that include; Zirconia-Based Dental Posts, Zirconia-Based Crown and Bridge, Zirconia-Based Implant Abutments, and Zirconia-Based Esthetic Orthodontic Brackets. 



Zirconia compared to other dental materials

Zirconia procedure and preparation guidelines

The cost of zirconia dental products

The cost of Zirconia varies depending on the procedure. Other factors that might have an effect on the cost would be the country you are in and the size of the crown or tooth. Overall Zirconia is known to be the most expensive material, however well worth the investment.