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Arch Development

Arch development appliances are designed to exert force to create space for crowded teeth and to help with widening or lengthening the arch. There are fixed and removable options and many different variations.

Removable Expansion

Removable appliances are more versatile because of the wide variety of design options available. They can be customized to perform different types of movement, for example in one or three directions, or only specific teeth with individual springs. It is also more hygienic because it can be removed from the mouth for cleaning. However, it does require patient compliance due to the fact it can be removed. The patient must commit to full-time wear to achieve and maintain movement.

Schwartz Appliance

3-Way Expander

Fixed Expansion

The fixed versions are typically attached to bands, which are cemented to the teeth and are removed once the expansion is complete. Because they are fixed they require minimal patient compliance. Custom appliances are available (Examples: E-Arch, Mini RPE, Bonded RPE)

W-Arch/Porter Appliance

RPE (Rapid Palate Expander)

Haas Palatal Expander


  • Bands on 1st molars
  • 036 wire is bent from right 1st molar to cuspid and then across palate
  • Tubing in bent from the left 1st molar to the cuspid and then across palate
  • Coil spring and stop is added to wire before wire is threaded into tubing


  • Bands on molars
  • All metal screw (2 arms) soldered to bands
  • Lingual arms run lingual from molar to 1st bicuspid


  • Wire framework surrounding molar to 1st bicuspid
  • Acrylic pad covering wire framework and occlusal surface
  • All metal screw

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