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Space Maintainers, Regainers, and Bite Plates

Space maintainers are fixed appliances used to maintain the patients arch length and spacing during the transition of mixed to permanent dentition and to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting into the space of missing teeth.

Space Maintainers

These appliances are used for patients with missing primary or permanent teeth to prevent drifting of adjacent teeth until all permanent teeth have erupted. Some designs can be used to regain space if needed.

Band & Loop Space Maintainer

Lingual Arch/Bilateral Space Maintainer

Band & Loop Space Maintainer

  • Band on tooth
  • Wire soldered to band
  • Space maintaining loop bent to opposing tooth to hold space
  • Acrylic pad added to fill in space of missing tooth as bite plate for opposing tooth.


  • Bands on molars
  • Wire 1 to 2mm off the palate
  • Adjustment loop at the center of the palate

Pedo Partial

  • Bands on molars
  • Wire running lingual to teeth soldered to bands
  • Pontics for missing teeth with acrylic support


Space regainers have a spring mechanism that is used to regain space when a tooth has already begun to drift into the area left by the loss of an adjacent tooth.

Sliding Loop Regainer

Active Loop Coil Space Regainer

  • Band on tooth
  • Uses a coil loop to regain space

Lip Bumper

  • Bands on molars
  • Bar on facial surface of teeth with facial pad to keep lip from applying pressure to the lower teeth

Bite Plates

A bite plate is an appliance worn in the mouth to separate the jaws so that some of the teeth will gradually shift upward or downward. They can be worn to help correct deep bites and to help make the lower arch level so that the upper front teeth don’t overlap so deeply over the lower teeth.

Fixed Bite Plate

  • Wire lingual from molar to molar
  • Bands on molars
  • Acrylic pad lingual to the anterior teeth

Removable Anterior Bite Plate

  • Bands on molars
  • Wire lingual from molar to molar
  • Acrylic pad lingual to the anterior teeth

Posterior Bite Plate (Removable)

  • Removable acrylic appliance
  • Acrylic pads cover the occlusion of the posterior teeth
  • 2 clasps (doctor’s preference) for retention

Habit Appliances

Habit appliances help eliminate the habit of tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. Habit cribs can be added to almost any appliance or as a separate fixed appliance (recommended to enforce patient compliance).

Blue Grass

  • Bands on molars
  • Wire bent from molars to cuspid area
  • Bluegrass roller added to the wire


  • Bands on 1st molars
  • Soldered wire bent from molars to cingulum area of the cuspids
  • Crib is added to hang down (made to not interfere with lower anterior teeth


  • Bands on molars
  • Wire bent to inhibit the tongue access to the teeth


  • Bands on molars
  • Wire soldered to molar bands
  • Sharp points added for a more aggressive approach to discourage thumb sucking

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