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Remake / Warranty

Remake Policy

Remake charges of 50-100% will apply under the following conditions:

  1. If a remake is requested after the lab deemed the provided case materials incomplete and/or unsatisfactory and customer elects to proceed with the completion of the case without making any adjustment, refuses a try-in, or does not supply requested materials.
  2. If a remake is requested because the customer requests a tooth shade or mould different from the original request.
  3. If a remake is requested due to treatment plan or material change from the original request.
  4. If a remake is requested greater than 30 days from invoice date.
  5. If a remake is requested for immediate/surgical partials or dentures or treatments with healing extractions.
  6. If a remake is requested because the appliance fits the model, but does not fit in the mouth.
  7. If a remake is requested and the remake reason is not specified, original materials or appliance(s) are not returned.

DDS Lab’s Remake Policy will not apply to any account past due. DDS reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse accepting any new cases and processing remake cases until the balance is paid in full and the account is current.

A non-refundable charge will apply if the original appliance is not returned at the time of remake request.
DDS Lab can amend the remake policy at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

About your lab work

Dental restorations are manufactured and/or distributed by DDS Lab, LLC, 5440 Beaumont Center Blvd, Suite 400, Tampa, FL 33634. DDS Lab is a full-service dental laboratory with the following memberships and certifications:

NBC Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL #123252-00), FDA registered (FDA #3004632064, 3009687180, 3009319807) and National Association of Dental Labs (NADL #122122-0).

For additional details, please refer to the accompanying list of materials and the corresponding point of origin for materials disclosure on the front of this invoice.

Limited Warranty / Limitation of liability

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